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About Us

My Lawyer, Inc. began in Detroit, Michigan in the late eighties as a dream of Joe Spieser, Founder.

As an entrepreneur, Mr. Spieser was exposed to legal ramifications all new business owners are faced with, and he began to visualize an opportunity.  Mr. Spieser was not one to "sit-on" an idea, he began to research legal defense systems and found Europe had programs in existence for several decades.  Some European ideas were plagiarized, new ideas were incorporated, the plan was developed, point of sale material was created and My Lawyer, Inc. was born.

Mr. Spieser hired his brother Chuck, and they together developed a strong affinity with Detroit's Union brothers and sisters and created a large following of AFL-CIO members.

Chuck Spieser died prematurely, Joe became ill, and the Company was sold to Prestige Benefits, LLC on January 1, 2000.

Prestige Benefits is a "non-traditional" benefit company with offices in Detroit, Lansing, Traverse City and head quartered in Bay City, Michigan.

Prestige Benefits markets AFLAC Supplemental Insurance and My Lawyer, Inc.  All "products" are non-competing and are designed to complement one another.  Prestige Benefits, L.L.C. is composed of six highly motivated partners with strong educational and financial strengths allowing this unique company to seek domestic and international markets.

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